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Rules of the Site

Post  Russet on Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:22 pm

These are the rules, you MUST read them:

1) No cussing
2) No sexual content (pictures videos ect.)
3) No controlling anyone elses character
4) You can only have one high ranked character (leaders councillors and healers are classed as high ranking)
5) Pm me (Russet) if you have read these rules!
6) No giving out personal info!
7) Please dont double post or post just one word answers, Thanks!
8 ) You can have a mate and kits but you cant be graphic
9) No killing someone elses character without their permission
10) No plagiarism/theft
11)No Advertising, if u wanna advertise go to any adverts will be deleted

Thanks for Reading!!

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